Some quick FAQ's about JLCA

Here are some of the quick FAQs about JLCA which are not available at our website:

How can one use the JLCA tool?

The JLCA tool can be executed from the command line as well as from Visual Studio (VS)


To execute JLCA from command line

- Navigate to <%ProgramFiles%>\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\JavaLanguageConversionAssistant for VS 2003 and to <%ProgramFiles%>\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\JavaLanguageConversionAssistant for VS 2005

- Execute jconvert for converting the code. You may use "jconvert /?" or "/h" to view JLCA help and the syntax for conversion

- An e.g. of command line conversion is "jconvert "D:\Input Folder" /out "D:\Output Folder" /Verbose /processGetSetOff /Encoding utf-8 /ProjectType Library" - This conversion converts the code residing in the "Input Folder" considering the text files are in utf-8 formatting and the ProjectType to be converted is a Class Library or an Applet.. More on processGetSetOff is given in a FAQ below. The converted code is generated in the "Output Folder"


To execute JLCA from Visual Studio

- The conversion Wizard can be used and is accessible from Visual Studio->File->Open->Convert… option

- The Wizard is self explanatory and allows the user to set the desired options for conversion

Can any Java code file be converted

Yes, any Java code file can be converted by using the JLCA tool. But there is a limitation of the extent of support provided by JLCA. An extensive list of packages and API’s that are covered and converted by JLCA 3.0 has been updated in the doc here

I have non compilable Java code . Can I convert this code?

Yes, you surely may convert this code but the output that is generated in such cases can not be guaranteed to be absolutely correct. Thus JLCA expects users to convert compilable Java code files/projects

What is /ProcessGetSetOff flag

By default property conversion is enabled in JLCA. In case you want property conversion to be switched off and rather let property’s be converted as methods, the user may use this flag. This flag can however be used only from the command line. The Wizard currently does the default conversion only

What are the current releases of JLCA tool available for users?

- The beta version of JLCA3.0 is presently available for download from here. Though it is in beta, the quality is still usually better than version 2.0

- The beta version of JLCA is also available integrated with VS 2005 Beta2 release and carries enhancements over JLCA 3.0 beta