Three years at Microsoft India Development Centre

It seems that it was very recent when I joined Microsoft’s India Development Centre at Hyderabad. But time has flown past. I have not realized how quickly these three years have passed by.

I still remember the first day when I walked in to MS – it was not my first day to work but a day to get interviewed by a select group of people. To be honest I had not come to seriously pursue a career with this firm, but I had come thinking that let me go and see what the buzz about Microsoft in India is all about. Adding to this was my past experience of 3 yrs, where-in I was working in a telecom domain, developing stuff for radio networks. I had imagined that a change to MS was going to be a complete misfit. As the interviews progressed, I was amazed at the strange culture I was experiencing here. If one interviewer asked me questions while lying down on the floor and relaxing, the other made me design a restaurant. Though it was a long day spanning 5 odd interviews, I could sense that I am in for a roll. Times were changing. There was an AWE factor which had hit me!!!

After accepting the job offer, first day at work and I was surprised yet again to be in such an office. During the interview day, a few of my college batch-mates working here had shown me the office facilities. Apart from others, they had claimed that the office had a small library which gets converted to a TV room at times. Well they never told me that the entire office lives here at times, and that too for days (In the cricket season ofcourseJ). Everyone surely lived there for a couple of weeks when I joined as the World Cup was going on. I being a newbie was not able to make out if I too was welcome in the new found living room. But now, I can say, everyone’s invited. I could have only imagined offices with so much freedom but this was an experience. And thus began the journey.

With a human tendency to resist change change, the initial few months were a little harrowing – new place, new work, no known faces around and all that. But in a matter of few months the change aspect had gone. I had started feeling at home in this new culture. And there was no looking back.

During my three years I have been associated with one of the oldest teams at Microsoft IDC – the Java Migration team, which is a part of the IDC’s Developer Tools Group. I have helped our team ship different projects working in different capacities (test, dev and PM) – J# Browser Controls (v1 and v1.1b), Java Language Conversion Assistant(Decaf and Broca) and the J# language (Whidbey and Orcas). These have been part of or add-on to the Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 products.

Apart from work, the best part that I have liked about this organization is its people. Yes, they indeed are some of the best brains in the world to work with. Not only the brain, but even the ability of taking things in their stride stands out. People here not only work, but contribute to the various areas of social needs, right from helping the needy to what’s cooking in the cafeteria. Fun, frolic and party is never missing while you are here.

From being around the 150th employee joining MS India to strength of 1200+ now, from the good old Cyber Towers office to the Microsoft Campus with world class amenities the journey so far has surely been a great experience for me.

(Though I completed 3 years on 10th Mar,’06 I am posting this a little late as I was OOF)