500 FREE Azure month-long passes given out each Month

In August, September and October of 2010, each month, 500 FREE Windows Azure One Month Pass are given out to developers in the 50 United States. To request the Free Windows Azure One Month Pass, click here   or email msdevavb@microsoft.com including information on

  • Company name:
  • USA Zip code
  • Whether you would like to be contacted by Microsoft regarding Windows Azure Platform developer offers and campaigns

Read more about the offer at http://azurepassusa.cloudapp.net/

Note that use of the Windows Azure Platform one month pass is subject to the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement at https://mocp.microsoftonline.com/Site/Mocp_Eagreement.aspx?country=USA&lang=en.

*The pass is valid only in the calendar month in which it is received.  For example, regardless of whether it is received September 1 or September 29, the pass will expire on September 30.

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