Academic papers for presentation at the 3rd Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development

15 papers were selected from 60 submissions for presentation at the 3rd Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development (February 28-March 3, 2008) :

  1. Title: Game2Learn: Improving the motivation of CS1 students          Authors Tiffany Barnes, Heather Richter
  2. Title: Game Design and Development Students: Who are They?        Authors Jessica Bayliss, Kevin Bierre
  3. Title: Bringing a pioneer games project to the next level                 Authors Rafael Bidarra, Jerke Boers, Jeroen Dobbe, Remco Huijser
  4. Title: Adding Handheld Game Programming to a Computer Science Curriculum        Authors Hollie Boudreaux, Jim Etheredge, Timothy Roden
  5. Title: Gaming for Middle School Students: Building Virtual Worlds    Authors Charles Hardnett
  6. Title: Group Interactions in a Game Engine Class                              Authors Alex Pang
  7. Title: Impact of Game Design on Students' Interest in CS                 Authors Yolanda Rankin
  8. Title: A Hybrid Approach to Projects in Gaming Courses                   Authors Amber Settle, Joe Linhoff, Andre Berthiaume
  9. Title: A Game Framework to Enhance Stem Pipeline                         Authors Todd Shurn, Charles Hardnett, Iretta  Kearse
  10. Title: The ETH Game Programming Laboratory: A Capstone for Computer Science and Visual Computing     Authors Robert Sumner, Nils Thuerey, Markus Gross
  11. Title: Assessing Game-Themed Programming Assignments for CS1/2 Courses           Authors Kelvin Sung, Michael  Panitz, Rebecca  Rosenberg, Ruth  Anderson
  12. Title: Integrating Games and Machine Learning in the Undergraduate Computer Science Classroom            Authors Scott Wallace, Ingrid Russell, Zdravko Markov
  13. Title: Introduction to Game Design in the Large Classroom               Authors Jim Whitehead
  14. Title: Games, Robots, and Robot Games: Complementary Contexts for Introductory Computing Education Authors Dianna Xu, Douglas Blank, Deepak Kumar
  15. Title: Operating A Computer Science Game Degree Program             Authors Michael Zyda, Victor Lacour, Chris Swain