Awards for Female High School Students

Are you a Female High School student  interested in computing technology? National Center for Women and IT (NCWIT) Award for Aspirations in Computing for young women in High Schools has been announced.

The awards acknowledge the computing aspirations of the award winners and raise the visibility of the work of these young women in the computing community. The deadline for application materials to be received by NCWIT in Boulder, CO by Tuesday, September 25th.  Applicants must be high school girls in the Seattle area.  Preference will be given to high school sophomores and juniors.

Benefits to Award Recipients:

  • $500 cash (This is classified as taxable income that needs to be reported to the IRS.)
  • Engraved award for the student and engraved award for the student’s school
  • Awardees are recognized by a group of national IT/computing professionals at a community event, providing the students with an opportunity to talk to academic and corporate leaders from across the country.
  • Awardees participate in the production of a professionally made video, an experience that teaches them about public speaking in a media context; for many students, this is a first exposure to such an experience.
  • Awardees have the opportunity to meet and interact with other young women in their geographic area who have aspirations in computing.

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