Hosted ELMS provide free Microsoft software without hassle of campus server

A new delivery type “Hosted ELMS” is available now for making FREE Microsoft software available to students and faculty. This is welcome news of busy MSDN AA Program Administrators on campuses across the country.

By using this delivery type your students/faculty will now be able to download MSDNAA software directly from an MSDNAA-ELMS Server! 

Benefits of the Hosted ELMS delivery:

  1. Eliminate the need to host MSDNAA software on your campus server
  2. Save you money on any server/bandwidth costs
  3. Allow program administrators to configure MSDNAA software by one simple click of your mouse

By enabling the “Hosted ELMS” option you can now offer your students/ faculty an additional way to obtain the software and reduce the amount of configuration time to set up MSDNAA software on your ELMS storefront.

Configuring the Hosted ELMS solution:

Step 1: On the ELMS administration page please select the icon “Hosted ELMS”

Step 2: Next- select the products you want to configure Step 3: Select the “Enable selected” button

Or , you can optionally enable all products on the list. It’s that simple. Get started with “Hosted ELMS” today!

Contact the   e-academy Team  at with any questions.