How to get the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Academic Curriculum

The Windows Embedded Academic Program (WEMAP) is proud to announce the availability of academic curriculum around Windows Embedded CE 6.0, “Introduction to Embedded Systems using Windows Embedded CE”. This curriculum is now available for faculty to download on the Academic Alliance Repository here or by visiting:

To download the materials, please go here or visit:

Is you are working with interested in using adding external I/O options to the eBox 2300 using phidgets devices? If so, please check out this great article by Embedded MVP James Y. Wilson available here or visit:

Introduction to Embedded Systems using Windows Embedded CE

Professor Jim Hamblen from the Georgia Institute of Technology was chosen to develop the first set of curriculum resources focused specifically on academics. Previously, only professional developer resources were provided to academics on Windows Embedded.  With the release of this curriculum, faculty will now have materials and labs for an introductory embedded systems class, using Windows Embedded CE as a tool for teaching students about embedded systems development.  Although best fit for a junior or senior level embedded systems course, this material is scalable to multiple academic levels across Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering courses.

To ensure professors had the complete package for teaching students about embedded development, we selected a low cost target platform to base the lab exercises of this curriculum on- the ICOP eBox 2300.  This small fanless device includes an x86 processor with 128M RAM, a pre-installed version of Windows Embedded CE, and its pricing is comparable to many academic textbook (approximately $165). It works with a wide range of I/O interfaces (i.e.; phidgets USB devices) and includes a free Board Support Package (BSP) for Windows Embedded CE along with the necessary cables for embedded systems development courses. Faculty can learn more about this device and how they can receive the educational discount at

Accessing this curriculum

As mentioned above, the material has been posted to the academic alliance repository and all future updates of this curriculum will be posted there. However, we will also be producing a few thousand academic kits of this curriculum which will also include evaluation versions of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition.

Feedback on this curriculum

We are really looking forward to receiving some feedback on this curriculum and learning about the different ways faculty members may use it in their classrooms.  If any faculty members decide to use this curriculum in their courses, please let us know and provide us with any feedback you may have.