Making Windows 7 available to Students from their school/department download centers

Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition English (x86 and x64) and Windows 7 Enterprise Edition English (x86 and x64) are available in MSDN Academic Alliance since August 6th for download by MSDN AA Administrators.  Today (Aug 13), Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition English (x86 and x64) are available in ELMS (e-academy License Management System) that distributes the software to students. Enterprise editions of Windows 7 are for lab installs and so are not in ELMS.

See the snapshot of my ELMS download center with Windows 7 Professional (x86) highlighted below. Note that Windows 7 Professional is shown in the dropdown list as well as the box-shot below – either location is valid for obtaining the software.


MSDN AA members using the ELMS download as a distribution mechanism (“Hosted ELMS”) need their MSDN AA Program Administrator managing their school/department ELMS site  to enable Windows 7 at their local school/department, thereby making it available to all members at their school/department for download. ( I just  enabled it on my ELMS site).

The process to enable Windows 7 for ELMS download:

  1. Your MSDNAA-ELMS Program Administrator logs into the school/department’s ELMS site (example:
  2. Clicks on ‘Product Management’, ‘Rapid Setup’ and ‘Configure Hosted ELMS now’
  3. Checks the box against Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition English x86 and clicks on ‘Enable All’  (or ‘Enable Selected’)

That’s it – this makes the Windows 7 Professional x86 available in the dropdown as shown above (a couple of more steps makes the box shot as well).

Students can then download Windows 7 from their school/department ELMS download servers (where they have membership accounts).



If you have additional questions, contact your MSDNAA Program Administrator by clicking on the ‘Support’ tab of your school/department ELMS download center and looking for the contact information shared by your Program Administrator.


If you do not know your school/department's MSDNAA-ELMS download site, search for it at and click on the "Get Software" link against your department.

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