Why does MSDN AA exist?

Technology skills are increasingly important for success of students and for continued leadership in technology arena. The MSDN AA program supports and advances the learning and skills in the areas of technical design, math, science, engineering and technology, by making the latest Microsoft developer and design software and tool and learning resources at an economical cost to millions of students in STEM-D departments.

The Millions of eligible students registered in a class in a STEM-D department can get access to all the MSDNAA developer and design tools from their department and use them to acquire and enhance technology skills and get job.

The software in MSDN AA is complimented with additional FREE resources to help students acquire skills with the software and connect to jobs that demand those skills:

  1. Instructions on "How to download and install Software from MSDN AA" at http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/6/a/46a57d8a-6852-40d1-9a76-f070df3d243f/MSDNAA%20Hosted%20ELMS%20User%20Guide.pdf
  2. Access to FREE e-Learning courses for extending your IT or developer skills at http://www.microsoft.com/education/MSITAcademy/itastudentpass.mspx
  3. Support for any questions that arise during your learning at http://support.microsoft.com/ and/or Microsoft Technical Communities - http://www.microsoft.com/communities
  4. A World-wide competition to test your learning at http://imaginecup.com/ and enhance your resume with additional team-skills
  5. FREE 6-month complimentary access to the E-Reference Libraries from Microsoft Press, at http://imaginecup.com/Competition/LearningResourcesOverview.aspx
  6. Entrepreneurship resources from http://microsoft4me.com/imaginecup/innovation/index.htm and assistance in starting your own company at http://www.microsoftstartupzone.com/ and www.microsoftstartupzone.com/bizspark
  7. Connection to Jobs, internships, and additional career resources that use the skills learned to find a job today! The comprehensive S2B portal provides you with access to jobs, internships, and additional career resources at http://www.microsoft.com/studentstobusiness/

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