Mobile PC Developers: Two great webcasts coming up…

MSDN Webcast: Windows Vista Sync Center for Windows Mobile Developers – Mon, 11/27, 1:00 P.M. PT
If your application handles data that needs to be synchronized between devices, the new Windows Vista Sync Center allows your application to implement a “Sync Center Handler” to perform such synchronization. Dr. Neil Roodyn will guide you through the process of implementing this type of handler.


MSDN Webcast: Creating Gadgets for Windows SideShow in Windows Vista – Tues, 11/28, 10:00 PT
If you have not seen SideShow, you really need to check it out! Windows SideShow is a new Windows Vista feature that works with new laptop hardware (such as integrated small external LCD displays like what you’d find on a cell phone) that allows you to access data while your laptop/tablet is closed and even when it’s turned off! This is a great capability when you’re on the go, and when battery life is a key consideration. One of the most exciting SideShow features is the extensibility model built into the SideShow framework. As a developer, you can create “SideShow gadgets” that plug into the system and expose your SideShow functionality. Check out this webcast to learn how to develop these Windows SideShow gadgets.