Tablet PC Developers: Windows Vista SDK for RC1 is LIVE!

I’m very excited about Windows Vista RC1. I’m running it on my Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, along with Office 12 B2TR, and it really is performing very well!

But what about the Windows Vista SDK for RC1? Well, I wanted to point out that this is your place to get the very latest InkAnalysis API. So you might be wondering “What is InkAnalysis?” I’m glad you’re curious.

I’ve posted several blogs on the existing (1.7) Tablet PC SDK features related to handwriting recognition and layout analysis (parsing). InkAnalysis is a single API set that seamlessly integrates the two, and pushes the capabilities forward quite a bit. You can now associate strokes collected or loaded into your Ink application with an InkAnalyzer and perform parsing and recognition in a single synchronous or asynchronous method call. There’s a lot more to InkAnalysis- I’ll be writing a lot about InkAnalysis in the future, so get prepared to check out a lot of great Tablet PC platform functionality.

Download and install the Windows Vista SDK for RC1 today! You can get it here:

See Ya-