Tablet PC: How to redistribute the Windows Forms InkAnalysis API with your application

So what does it take to redistribute the Winforms InkAnalysis API with your application? Not much. There are really two options if you are creating a “Setup and deployment” project in Visual Studio .NET 2005.


Option 1: Add your product binaries to the “Setup and deployment” project and let Visual Studio detect the dependencies. Your installer program will copy the InkAnalysis binaries to the install directory for your application. The pros are: This is easy. The cons are: InkAnalysis functionality will not be upgraded if the user installs a newer version on the system.


Option 2: Add the appropriate InkAnalysis merge modules to your setup project. In this case you need to right click your setup project in the solution explorer, and select “AddàMerge Module”. Then browse to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Tablet PC Platform SDK\msm and add “IACore.msm” and “IAWinFrm.msm”. Now you will install the merge modules on the system in a manner in which they can be upgraded, etc.


That’s it!


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