VS project template for an Ink-Enabled Windows Forms Tablet PC application

I recently realized that I have been performing the same sequence of actions over and over in Visual Studio. These are the steps required to create a new C# Windows Forms application, add required references for inking and InkAnalysis functionality, then to instantiate an InkOverlay, and hook it up to the Form. (I’ve blogged quite a few posts that incorporate these steps)


So why not just create a project template that does all that for you? Well, I discovered just how easy it is to do this in Visual Studio.NET 2005. Create or open a project, then go to “File à Export Template” – that will fire up a wizard that walks you through the process (and can add it to your existing templates automatically!)


So I created a new project from the template, and without writing any code was able to do the following:


Now that’s cool!


To use this template, just download the attached file (

Ink Enabled Winforms Application.zip), and put it in the following location:

%USERPROFILE%\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates (Where %USERPROFILE% is the root of your “My Documents”)


You will then see the “Ink Enabled Winforms Application” application type under “My Templates” when you click on C# in the new project dialog.


**Note that you'll need to have the Tablet PC Platform SDK, and the Input Supplement installed on your machine. --See:



That's it...




Ink Enabled Winforms Application.zip