Building a news workbench on MOSS 2007 - How Microsoft did it

This series describing the news management and delivery service we built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Microsoft internal employee communication portal, Microsoft Web (MSW).

Following is a technical white paper explaining solution

Knowledge portals are more important to organizations today than ever before. The more than 120,000 employees, contractors, and vendors at Microsoft create an increasing amount of digital information that pertains to their job responsibilities. Employees access much of this information through the Microsoft primary knowledge portal, MSWeb (MSW for short).

The Microsoft intranet contains a number of information sources, of which MSW is one of the primary access points to the hundreds of intranet sites at Microsoft. MSW helps employees find information, stay informed, and make productive use of the company intranet. Employees can find everything from the latest editorially selected news to accessing the campus map for their region. Users gain access to information on MSW through browsing, through navigation, and through the enterprise search capabilities in Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007.

Maintaining the previous version of the portal involved extensive manual work, including creating daily home pages and copying news stories to category specific pages and archive pages. Publishing some of the content was also a manual process, often managed via e-mail requests. This manual process made following MSW styles and guidelines difficult, which resulted in an inconsistent site design. Microsoft wanted to improve portal administration and site design, simplify navigation and publishing workflows, and enhance search capabilities to deliver an even more valuable resource to employees.