MacroView WISDOM Document Management Framework v6 Released

I am pleased to announce that WISDOM Document Management Framework v6  and WISDOM Message v6 are now officially released.


This new version of WISDOM DMF enables the creation of SharePoint-based document management solutions that have excellent functionality and ease of use. New features in this major upgrade include:

· Highly efficient browsing and navigation of large SharePoint 2007 document stores.

· Drag and drop to upload files to SharePoint and move files between SharePoint libraries.

· Streamlined meta-data capture.

· ‘Edit Properties’ for a file now accessible from WISDOM tree-view display.

· Extended offline operation.

· Support for languages other than English.

· Full .Net compliance.

· Streamlined installation and deployment

WISDOM Message v6

Organizations around the world appreciate the way WISDOM Message improves the integration between Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. Improvements in WISDOM Message v6 (which are also contained in the full WISDOM DMF v6 product) include:

· Support for a hierarchy of SharePoint Favorites.

· ‘Email’ content type.

· Consistent move and copy whether online or offline.

· ‘FW:’ and ‘RE:’ ignored when sorting by Subject.

·  ‘Insert Attachment as Link’ now provides a Read/Write link to the file in SharePoint

Adobe, Save to SharePoint
MacroView has also developed a ‘Save to SharePoint’ from Adobe (Acrobat and soon Reader). This Adobe integration will be available as an ‘optional extra’ for WISDOM DMF v6.

Download an Evaluation Copy

You can download and install WISDOM DMF v6 for evaluation using the following details:

Userid: wisdomdmf

Password: v6install

The server components will run on WSS v3 or MOSS 2007 – we suggest MOSS 2007 as more features will surface.
Client PCs can run Office 2003 or Office 2007 under Windows XP or Vista.


The Administration Guide available from the above site describes the installation process.

There is also a User Guide available at the site.

If you need further assistance, contact