MOSS Enters Central TAFF

Vivid Group switched this site on yesterday which is a website for one of the main TAFE colleges in Western Australia.

· Optimised for anonymous users so they don’t download unneeded SharePoint files such as core.js which results in low page weight and fast responsive page loads.

· Rotating banner images which can be hyperlinked, the images rotate over time and users can manually switch between images featured. The banner image control runs off a SharePoint site list and allows content editors to easily upload newer banner images and link them to target pages by managing the list.

· Custom Multimedia Field Control to play FLV videos uploaded to document libraries in the site or YouTube videos, they can also feature any regular image. Videos are featured on the home page and in many other pages throughout the site.

· Home page news rollup from the news site and Events/Calendar rollup from the events site

· Print friendly mode for every page

· Font resizing that is persisted across pages

· Custom RSS feed

· Email to a friend functionality

· Virtual Earth maps for Campuses - ,

· Uses the BDC to integrate data from Central TAFE’s course database to provide course search and course based navigation

· Uses Enterprise Search for website search functionality.

















Weldon Vivid Group and thanks for the information Sezai Kömür