NetworkWorld Survey points to Microsoft SharePoint becoming a de-facto collaboration platform


The survey found that SharePoint is becoming a de-facto collaboration platform. Top findings include:

· Among organizations that have deployed Microsoft Exchange, slightly more than one-half are currently using SharePoint and another 12% are planning to deploy SharePoint within the next 12 months.

· Today, less than 20% of SharePoint users employ the system for mission-critical applications, but that number will nearly double over the next 12 months.

· The number of SharePoint applications in place today will quadruple over the next 12 months as the system becomes more widely deployed and engrained in the work habits of a growing proportion of users.

· About one-third of organizations have corporate policies in place focused on the need to manage, regulate or purchase SharePoint solutions, while a much larger proportion of organizations make these decisions at the departmental or functional level.

· The ability for SharePoint to enable enterprise content management, portal functionality, search, integration with Office applications and other collaboration capabilities means that SharePoint will become entrenched as the de facto collaboration platform for many organizations.