Office SharePoint Server 2007 DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit

Installable DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit for customers and partners evaluation purposesĀ is available on This additional download provides a way to learn about the DoD 5015.2 capabilities delivered while deciding if it is suitable for their organizational requirements.

The DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit provides tools and guidance for evaluating additional features and functionality which has enabled SharePoint Server 2007 to be DoD 5015.2 Chapter 2 compliant. At the end of the evaluation you should engage a qualified partner to implement your DoD solution. This resource kit is not intended for production usage.

Please note, installing the DoD 5015.2 Resource Kit replaces the out of the box Record Center SharePoint site template. Site administrators will be unable to create a standard record center once the add-on pack is installed.