SharePoint with Scinaptic OnePlaceMail

It is a common question in any SharePoint deployment how to manage emails in your SharePoint environment. We support two way synchronisation with MOSS 2007 and Outlook 2007, but what about with Outlook 2003? Or dragging and dropping any emails to SharePoint through outlook client? or how to send document or image in desktop or file share to your SharePoint site?

OnPlaceMail is a great Australian partner product that can answer all above questions.

Key Features

  • Truly seamless integration (Outlook Add-in)
  • Capture email metadata automatically
  • Drag & drop Outlook emails/attachments directly to SharePoint
  • Drag & drop pictures directly to Picture Libraries
  • Dynamic prompt/completion of destination library metadata (columns)
  • Right-click Send To (from Windows Explorer) directly to SharePoint
  • Adheres to all SharePoint permissions and settings

You can download OnPlaceMail PDF overview document here