Building extensible RIAs at PDC







This week I’ll be attending PDC in Los Angeles speaking about using MEF in Silverlight.

Building Extensible Rich Internet Applications with the Managed Extensibility Framework 

In Hall F on Thursday at 11:30 AM

Learn how the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 introduces the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) for building customizable applications that can easily be extended by third parties. Whether you are building an extensible data grid, a custom rules engine, a pluggable editor, or a composite application such as a pluggable CRM system, you want to learn about MEF. Hear how to use MEF to decouple your applications into more maintainable and testable pieces, and partition your application into dynamically deployable chunks that download on-demand.

If you haven’t heard, MEF is available in Silverlight similar to it’s availability on the desktop.  But what does it mean to build an extensible app in Silverlight? Yes it’s technically possible, but why should you care? In this talk we’ll explore different application scenarios for when MEF is a good fit. We’ll also explore some of the SL specific features we’ve introduced in order to enrich the MEF experience.

Hope to see you there!