CodePaste is the bee’s knees, my new favorite way to share code.

Ever need to share code-snippets with the twittersphere? If so, Codepaste is for you. It's my favorite new tool for getting code out there in a really low-friction manner. It has really nice syntax coloring support, allows reviewers to comment, and most importantly it associates pastes with a profile so that you or your users can search or even subscribe to your own personalized RSS feed.

I use it quite a bit as a teaching / learning tool. Often when I am prototyping different ideas, I use CodePaste as a means to get it out there to gather feedback.


If you like sharing code, go check it out.

Oh, and if you want to check out my paste’s, here’s a link: and you can subscribe to my personalized rss feed here

Kudos to Rick Strahl and the team (if there is one) for an awesome product!