Free .NET 3.0 e-Learning

We just launched a set of 3 e-Learning clinics covering core components of the .NET 3.0 framework including Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly Avalon), Windows Communication Foundation (formerly Indigo) and Windows Workflow Foundation. If you are a guru with .NET 3.0 then these clinics probably are not for you, however if you are familiar with .NET 3.0 or you have no idea why you should care about .NET 3.0 then check them out.

Here's my one liner's about why you should care about these technologies

  • WPF - Create incredible user interfaces that truly push the limits and have a highly customizable look and feel.
  • WCF - One API for all your distributed communication needs, say goodye to having to learn a host of technologies that basically do th same thing.
  • WF - Visually design business procesess within your apps and leverage a robust worfkflow execution engine.

You can get the whole set here....

Collection 5134 : Developing Rich Experiences with Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.0 and Visual Studio® 2005
Summary: This collection of 3 2-hour premium clinics teaches Enterprise Developers and Software Architects about the new capabilities provided by the .NET Framework 3.0. Audience: Developer Available Offline: Yes Price: Free, 1-year subscription

By the way, for those of you who are wondering why WinFX got renamed to .NET 3.0, check Soma's blog.