Prism, MEF and DI oh my


A few weeks ago I had a chance to chance to chat with the gang over at  Herding Code on all of the above. I was in a particularly talkative mood after coming from a full day of presenting at Tech-Ready, so I'll warn you that there might be some rambling. As a result the podcast was split into two parts. In the first part we discuss Prism and DI in general. In the second part we delve into the specifics of MEF, and whether or not it is the one true DI container to unite them all ;) The best part is at the end when I get to turn the tables and put them in the hot seat :)

I had a great time hanging out with those guys, well virtually at least. I really like the open round table style format of the podcast. Check it out below.

Episode 11: Glenn Block on Prism, Unity, and MEF (part 1)

Episode 12: Glenn Block on Prism, Unity, and MEF (part 2)