Prism talk at WPF Bootcamp

Some months ago I delivered a talk on "Prism' at the WPF Bootcamp. The talk gives a good overview of why we are doing this work. At the time of this demo it was very early, before we even started on the RI work. It does give a good idea of where we are heading, and what is different about this work from what we've delivered in the past.

I also get to do a bit of coverage of different design patterns including those that play out specifically around WPF, how we are pushing Composition vs Inheritance. Finally, I talk about what we are doing to support different OS alternatives like Castle Windsor, etc.

I want to thank Karsten Januszewski for inviting me to the event. I got a chance to have some great customer interactions and talk to some tried and true CAB customers. At the same time, I think much of content was probably a bit heavy and I am known for erring on the side of MORE information not less.

View the video here...if you have any issues viewing, you can download here.