Clarification: We are not against using Unity, the Prism RI uses Unity, and we've been very happy with it's implementation.  We are after all one of Unity's first internal customers. On the other hand, we want to make it easier for customers to use their IOC container of preference, which is what this post illustrates.

Friday night Oren (Ayende) and I headed downtown to Seattle at the Tap House grill, where we paired and hacked there and at my apartment into the early hours of the morning. You can see me tweeting about it below.

image  image

One of the best parts of the evening is the part I have highlighted in red, which happened after a discussion we had on how Prism does not depend on Unity. I told Oren that we had thought of automating as part of our tests to check whether or not any reference was included but that we found it unnecessary as the team was very clear on this requirement. He however disagreed and said "You should, you should" in order that we emphasize it. He then pulled open VS and wrote this test.


My heart skipped a beat before he ran it...


Any questions?