Upcoming talks

This is one of the posts that I have been meaning to get to for several weeks, but it just keeps falling to the bottom of the backlog. Tomorrow I jump on an airplane so I guess now is as good as time as any. In the next few months, I have several talks at various events.


Tech-Ed Israel (April 6th to 8th)


I am honored to be chosen out of about 160 speakers to fly across the country to geek out Israeli style. I'll be speaking on the work we are doing on "Prism" and "Web Client Software Factory" along with my famed compadre Ohad Israeli, the CAB guru. We're burning the midnight oil to put on a good show. If your in town, come check it out. One other highlight of this trip is I am bringing a mobile video-phone with me and will be streaming live highlights at Qik.com. Keep checking that site for regular updates of completely ad-hoc style content.

ALT.NET Seattle (April 18th to 20th)


Myself and a bunch of my team mates are raiding in on ALT.NET. My goal is to convert all the attendees to the "drag first", "design second" way of thinking :) (residual overused April fools joke). Actually this is a big deal, and I am really excited to be a part of it. I attended the ALT.NET Leadership summit in NYC and had a blast. Most of all I am happy since Open Space means not prepping for a talk. I am looking forward to meeting many of the folks whom I have to date only met virtually through the ALT.NET list.

Tech-ed US (June 3 to 6)


Heading down to Orlando and bringing the tribe. Like Tech-Ed Israel, I'll be speaking on "Prism" and "WCSF". I am planning to be in town for several weeks, so if there are any local user groups going on, I'm up for attending.

Allright, well time to go pack!