Upcoming talks at NDC in Oslo and Poland

Next week, I am heading to Europe for two weeks to give several talks. My first stop is NDC 2009, where I’ll be delivering the following talks:

NDC looks like an amazing event with a great lineup of speakers. I am hoping to be able to attend a few talks so I can soak up all their goodness. All my talks are in one day, so it’s going to be real wild ride!







Next is on to Poland for a 5 city user group tour in: Olsztyn, Toruń, Warszawa, Kraków, Katowice where I’ll be speaking about building extensible apps, or other topics if folks attending would like (comment to this post if you have other topics)

If you are attending NDC or will be in any of the cities mentioned, I look forward to chatting with you about how we can build better software!