Cisco CUPS 6.x + OCS 2007 RCC Configuration

I do not want to spend a lot of time discussing the configuration of CUPS since this is already documented by Cisco. I would like to document the configuration of Office Communication Server 2007 when enabling users for RCC with Cisco Unified Presence Server.


These steps are fairly straight forward. There are a few items to keep in mind when configuring RCC. I will identify these items as I am explaining the configuration.


The first item to keep in mind is your SIP URI. In this example we will be using as the SIP URI. When creating the Static Route for your CUPS Server we will be using a SIP URI. Just make sure this SIP URI never gets created as a Supported SIP URI for your users to login with.


The issue with creating the Static Route Domain the same as your SIP URI, you would be routing all SIP Traffic out to your RCC/CUPS Server.


To create the static route, you will go to Front End Properties.



You will notice we do not check Phone URI, when creating the Static route. This would create the domain as sip:*\;user=phone. As you will see when we configure the users Server URI this would cause a failure since the domains would not match. If this happens you will see the traffic get routed out the default Federation Route and not towards the RCC/CUPS Server.


Next step is to configure an Authorized Host entry for the CUPS Server to be trusted when talking to the OCS Server.

Last step is to configure your OCS Users for RCC. Below is a screen shot of a user configured for RCC.

You will see here the Server URI domain matches the Static Route Domain that was configured earlier.

Also linked is another blog that goes into Troubleshooting CUPS/RCC Integration issues – No Phone System Connection.