Akimbo and HDNet will deliver HD Programming Via the Net

HD Media Center users, rejoice!  You will soon (already can?) download content from Akimbo and have it delivered to your MCE.  This means Adult Swim, BBC, Movies, and so forth will be available on demand to Akimbo subscribers without the need for cable.  I thinkg it's about time I stop paying for my DVR cable box and switch to a HD tuner + Akimbo. $10 a month for HD on demand through the slick MCE interface sounds a lot better than the $15 to $20 I'm paying Comcast for my DVR rental and Cable on demand.

Media Center PC World writes:

Akimbo subscribers enjoy the freedom to choose from more than 8,000 on-demand programs available through Akimbo’s impressive library of original, niche and mainstream content – including travel shows, documentaries, music videos, full-length films, sporting events, television series and more. Now, Akimbo subscribers can watch fantastic programming in stunning high definition through their Media Center PCs.

“Akimbo has certainly advanced television viewing with its award-winning Internet-delivered on-demand service,” said Jeff Cuban of HDNet. “The Akimbo Service offers HDNet an ideal opportunity to deliver our high-quality original HD content to an entirely new audience that has grown to expect and appreciate distinctive and cutting-edge entertainment.”

According to recent study from Parks Associates, HDTV sales will surpass $65 billion by 2009 and it is estimated that nearly half of American households plan to purchase an HDTV in the next year alone. As a result, the demand for high-definition content is expected to grow exponentially.

“Consumers are adopting HDTV at a rapid pace. Most of them immediately seek out new sources of great hi-def content,” said Joshua Goldman, Akimbo’s CEO. “With the addition HDNet’s content, Akimbo can offer a new and innovative way to meet this demand.”