So it sounds like ATI will be producing the first OpenCable Unidirectional Receiver (OCUR).  Their product is mentioned in this article describing the CES announcement.  This is really exciting for me because I had the opportunity to work on the document that was taken to CableLabs when they approved the integration of OCUR technology with Media Center Edition Windows PCs (MCEs).  The technology behind OCUR to Windows transmission is Windows Media Digital Rights Management for Network Devices (WMDRM-ND), which happens to be another technology that I'm a writer for.  It's just rather interesting to see something I'm working on come to fruition.  Equally exciting though, is that this means that it will soon be possible to record HD video to an MCE and use extenders (such as an XBOX 360) to watch and record HDTV beyond the standard over the air channels which are supported by conventional HD tuners.