Best and Worst High-Definition Titles of the Year

High-Def Digest has written an article listing the best and worst High Definition movies of 2006. What is interesting about the top 10 are that 7 are HD-DVD and 3 are Blu-ray.  3 of the 5 worst are Blu-ray disks.  I think that the presence of fewer Blu-ray titles on the best and more on the worst is that many of the disks on Sony's format are at least in part to Sony encouraging its publishers to use the MPEG-2 format while Toshiba encourages its publishers to use VC-1.  At any rate it seems that fewer people are adopting Blu-ray due to the higher prices of players and disks.  I'm becoming disinterested in the High Def Format war because it seems like it is close to over with Blu-ray falling behind and streamed / downloaded high definition content right around the corner.