Cingular Music Store

It's really interesting to see that Cingular has now adopted Windows Media DRM for their music store.  The coolest thing about this service is that it allows you to use Yahoo Music store, Napster music store, or other Windows Media DRM music to your phone.  Subscription and downloaded content are supported so that customers can just synchronize all of the content they have downloaded to their desktop clients using this.

As printed in CNet's Article:

The goal of Cingular Music right now is to bring together Napster , Yahoo! , Windows Media Player and MP3 subscription music support, streaming music services including MobiRadio, Melodeo Mobilcast for podcasts, and streaming XM Radio channels and other music functions on an easy-to-use, dedicated music menu, said Gregg Brown, Cingular's strategic marketing and business development manager for music.   

What's the most fun for me about this is that I helped to write the documentation that enabled these scenarios where users perform Direct License Acquisition (DLA) from their mobile devices.  That's one of the best things about working at a company like Microsoft, you can see the impact of your efforts in many different ways and oftentimes, your product gets a publicized, visible, response.  Anyways, now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if there's an URGE client for Windows Mobile phones so I can put this on my Cingular 8125... If there isn't, someone really should get on the ball and write one.