GTA 4 an Xbox 360 Exclusive?

I just was reading the kotaku/joystiq coverage of the MS press conference at E3 and apparently, GTA 4 will have exclusive 360 content.  This is a shocker since GTA has previously been exclusively delivering content to Sony.  Many people will call this the final nail in the coffin for the 360 as the new "hardcore" console champion over the next Playstation.  Only time will tell though, and I think that the next 18 months will be interesting to say the least.  With the latest console players (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo) positioning themselves for the next generation of consoles, and all of them contending for market dominance (Nintendo claims their market is different, but I disagree), we can all anticipate a lot of exciting developments on the consumer entertainment front.

The key innovations are immersive gaming from Nintendo and ubiquitous networked gaming from Microsoft as recently revealed through our newly announced "Live Anywhere".

From joystiq:

3:22 pm - "Tonight you can download HDTV content starting with Gears of War documentary, which will begin on Xbox Live and conclude net week on MTV." Peter Moore is talking about how Xbox Live changes the way that games are sold, distributed, and augmented through digital downloads and episodic content. We've heard it all before, but with each iteration fleshes out the vision just a little bit more.

3:25 pm - Moore: "The Xbox 360 HD DVD player. The intial run of Toshiba players sold out within a few days. I'd like to announce that today, the Xbox 360 player will be available this holiday. I've got to take my jacket off ... Some of you may remember this ... It's no big secret that I saved the big guns for the bog guns! Some guys do rubber ducks, so guys do tattoos. Moore takes off his jacket -- to show off his Halo 2 tattoo. The other arm has a Grand Theft Auto IV tattoo! October 16, 2007 in North America, October 19 in Europe.

3:26 pm - Microsoft and Rockstar games have entered into an exclusive partnership to provide exclusive episodic content through Xbox Live. Moore is interrupted by applause after this announcement. The crowd was not expecting this, and is pumped to hear it.