Has Microsoft Set its eyes on Europe for Current Xbox 360 Strategy?

I just read two compelling bits of news on Joystiq regarding the Xbox 360.

The gist of it all is that the top tier Football (soccer) games are now 360 exclusives.  As the Joystiq article points out, "Europe is a continent full of insane, slavering soccer maniacs".   This is a very big deal in Europe and South America.  I suppose this would be the equivalent of both Madden and NBA Live being exclusives on consoles in the USA.

In addition to platform exclusivity for football games, the 360 has seen a slight price drop (about $20) in retailers on the Core system.  Altough this is really minor, it may be a hint of things to come.  Perhaps we will see a 360/football bundle in Europe at a price point that isn't much above the core system's price around the release period of the PS3 or Christmas (whichever comes first).  That would definately help to spur up support for the 360 overseas.

To me, it makes sense, we are not seeing much happening with the Xenophobic Japanese push that has been made with the 360 and perhaps getting a foothold in Europe will help to turn the tide in the land of the rising sun.  Only time will tell, but I'm confident that this is a big thorn in the side of console gaming goliath, Sony.