IS PS3 hurting Blu-ray?

Earlier this week, I wrote about how the PS3 may not be helping Blu-ray sales, but this article points out that the PS3 may actually be hurting Blu-ray adoption.

According to a survey by Cymfony, a analyst group that focuses on market influence, HD-DVD has 46% more positive discussions on various websites than Blu-ray. Half as many people are also impressed with Blu-ray visuals than are with HD-DVD visuals. The key reasons for low Blu-ray acceptance is the forced (there's that word again ) inclusion in the PS3 and Sony's format reputation.

This could be the case, as with the inclusion of UMD in the PSP, the PS3 may be hindering adoption both of Blu-ray and the PS3 as a gaming platform. I'm fairly confident that the scarcity of PS3s is hurting consumer adoption this Christmas, but I never thought about how it may be hindering Blu-ray adoption this holiday.  With HD-DVD drives less expensive that Blu-ray drives, the Xbox 360 + HD DVD drive available, and Sony's track record for pushing formats that fail to be adopted, the outlook for Blu-ray is getting worse and worse.

**Update** A UK report on this is here.