Is the PS3 Helping Blu-ray?

I just read this interesting editorial at  And it shows that the PS3 launch is still not helping to turn the tables for Blu-ray adoption.  The following list (from the article) shows the top ranked HD DVD and Blu-ray titles:

HD-DVD Top 3:
1# Superman: Returns
DVD Sales Rank: 162
2# Batman Begins
DVD Sales Rank: 352
3# Superman: The Movie
DVD Sales Rank: 803
Blu-ray Top 3:
1# Superman: Returns
DVD Sales Rank: 394
2# X-men 3: The last Stand
DVD Sales: 2279
3# Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut
DVD Sales Rank: 2373

To put this data in perspective consider that the #2 best selling HD DVD title outsells the #1 Blu-ray title.  The format war isn't over but at this point it looks like prosumers are adopting HD DVD at a faster rate than Blu-ray.