More speculation on the Microsoft PMP, "Argo"

Engadget pointed to what may be a leaked photo of the Microsoft "Argo" portable media player.  This is starting to get interesting :)

From the looks of it, the device does not look like a gaming device which squishes the rumor that this is the "Xboy".  Then again, this could just be one of several devices that are being developed by the rumored "Microsoft Argo" team.

From the Engadget article:

It's hard to tell just how much larger the screen on this thing actually is, but it does indeed appear to be a 4:3 aspect ratio display, and could be 3, even 3.5-inches wide. Keep your eyes peeled, you know we do our best to have this stuff as early as possible.

So... I wonder still what kind of resolution this device has, is it VGA?   I wonder also, will there be several SKUs of the device, perhaps one that plays games... Apparently these are going to be carrying the Xbox moniker...  So many questions, so much potential!