PS3 Gaming Grid Logic

I like the Gamerscore blog's response to the PS3 Gaming Grid:

Boy, someone over at Sony really needs to do some fact checking. Some of you may have seen Sony's recent console price comparision grid ? Well, we here at Xbox wanted to make sure that you got the accurate facts…

  1. Fact: PS3 has monkeys inside. (Monkeys required)
  2. Fact: Yellow Ray + Blue Ray = Green Ray
  3. Fact: The PS3 weighs 243 pounds
  4. Fact: Xbox 360 + Ferrarri F430 = $168,404 (Ferrari Required)
  5. Fact: Xbox 360 + Red Vines = Crazy delicious 
  6. Fact: Pizza is good. We like Pizza
  7. Fact: Zune does not work as rear view mirror
  8. Fact: My daddy can beat up your daddy
  9. Fact: PS3 online network suffers outages due to giant crabs attacking Sony’s servers (yes, the Crab thing is getting old, but I think it’s still funny).
  10. ...