Scoblizer interviews Sun's CEO, talks Java and Platforms

I really like this interview where Scoblizer interviews Sun's CEO.  He shows off some interesting demos on real-time java, which is intersting as I haven't heard very much about java in real-time environments and have done a good bit of development in java.  The interview segways into Java on embedded devices such as phones.  They discuss the whole "java everywhere" concepts and then get into a discussion about Apple's iPhone.  A few good points about the limitations of the iPhone are made.  For one, the phone will not support application installation except through Apple's control.As far as I understand, this means that Apple phone's will not support 3rd party development.

I for one want an iPhone and am seriously thinking about getting the iPhone because I'm confident that it will be a great toy and will do the things intended for it to do well.  The device being so extremely closed (and the price)makes me hesitate a little more as I really enjoy hacking around on devices and being able to install and play with applications that aren't bundled with the device or are first party.  I have been thinking a lot about this device and I am curious about the developer tools (JavaScript based development perhaps?) that will be made available for the iPhone and I also wonder if they will be cross platform.  I guess I'll learn more in the coming 6 months.

Heh, here's what Ballmer says about the iPhone.