Sony PS3's free live service will NOT support multiplayer match making or online play

Major Nelson noticed a pretty glaring ommission from Sony's live service equiavalent:

A closer look at Sony's Online service

By Major Nelson on E3

As you can imagine, I look at an online gaming service with a pretty close eye. So imagine my surprise when I was reviewing Sony’s briefing from earlier this week where they announced more details of their online service, and noticed a glaring omission. Sony has said that their online service is free but on the slide they showed during the briefing, where they listed all of the free services, I did not see match-making or online play mentioned. Thus, it seems quite likely that Sony's free service is merely the equivalent of the Xbox Live Silver level of membership, which is also free. So, if I’m right then Sony’s cost advantage for their online service is non-existent. What do you guys think? Here is the video where they show the slide of features that their ‘free’ online service will have.

There were some interesting comments to his blog as well:

Headin said:

Ya I saw that a little while ago and wasn't to surprised. Sony can't run an online service without charging and I am really happy with paying 50 dollars a year to play. Did you also notice the chrome on the 649.99 CDN version of PS3 and no chrome on the 549.99 as well as the PS3 "Guide" button. Love It.   May 14, 2006 8:55 PM

Is it just me, or is Sony really going over the top with using everybody else's ideas?