Toshiba HD-DVD player

Amazon is taking pre-orders on the Toshiba HD-DVD player.  Looks like HD-DVD will reach market a little while before Blu-ray.  The HD-DVD features are pretty sweet, too.  I'd imagine that most people are concerned that HD-DVD will only be adding higher definition playback to the standard features of DVDs, this is not entirely true.  There will be more value added to the DVD than just the higher definition playback.  It's not exactly the same difference between DVD and VHS in terms of extras, but it's similar.  Think collectors edition ++.  The other interesting thing that I've been hearing more and more bits about is triple layer HD-DVD.  We're talking almost the same capacity of the Blu-ray disk on the less expensive HD-DVD format-- interesting, I'm surprised people weren't talking more about this last year.  I am really hoping that the next format war makes for a winning situation for the consumer, rather than resulting in sunk cost for the next "betamax" player (whether it's Blu-ray or HD-DVD).