Wednesday PMP Madness!

Today I received my Sansa e260 from Amazon and I am amazed at how small it is!  I have attached a photo of the player next to my thumb, a mouse, and a few pens for size comparison.  This player comes really close in size to the iPod nano.  Something rather funny happened when I was showing the player to my officemate though, she started scrolling with the clicky scroller and it caused her Carperal Tunnel to act up. Ouch!

creative zen v plus

I just found out that Creative announced a new mini player, the zen V plus (photo at right from eHomeUpgrade as well) which is capable of MP3, video, and FM playback. eHomeUpgrade has a short article on it.

From the sounds of it, this is a miniature version of the Creative Zen Vision M.

Cnet also has a review of this itty bitty player.

iubi i2500 30gb pmp

eHomeUpgrade also scooped up information on the new iUbi Blue media player. This interesting player has the following fringe features I haven't seen on a media player before:

  • Bluetooth
  • Song lyrics during playback

The player has a 4:3 ratio for excellent video playback and looks like it could be the player for the "true" video iPod hopefuls. This looks like a very impressive player and I'd imagine it will draw some attention in the next few months as yet another outstanding competitor to the iPod.

Why do they always come out with cooler stuff as soon as I get something new?