Why Vista Won't Suck

ExtremeTech has written an excellent article detailing the reasons that Vista will not suck.  There are mixed opinions out there on whether or not Windows Vista will be a real advance when you are comparing it to XP, but I have been strongly on the side of believing that Vista will in fact rock.

The article points out a few major points:

  • Major Kernel Overhaul
  • Networking Improvements
  • Media Center Improvements
  • Major Audio Changes
  • Direct X 10
  • New Built-in Apps
  • Aero Glass
  • Security

But I think that there is one more thing that they aren't pointing out.  Performance.  I believe that despite the new (higher) hardware and software requirements for Vista, the performance of Vista will be zippier and smoother than its older siblings when it's being used on proper hardware.  This change comes hand in hand with the DX 10, Kernel, and built-in application changes.  There have been vast improvements on search and organization in the OS and the way that things are being done is better.  As a result, I'm hoping that things like search should become much faster.  And as a side effect, user productivity increases.  Things like looking at a collection of pictures or grokking a music collection change significantly because you can perform them so much more efficiently.  Let's hope we can live up to ExtremeTech's expectations!  I personally believe we will meet or exceed them.