Windows Media Player 11 Skins

I have recently started using Windows Media player 11 at work and home (soon will be using Urge to go on my Sansa!) and I got a little bored with the vanilla WMP 11 skin.  So, I hopped over to and checked out a few of the skins that are available for WMP.  I'm pretty impressed with what some of the skinners have done.  Here are a few skins I really liked:

Again, I'm really impressed with what the skinning community has done with the skin extensibility of WMP.  I've seen remixes of iTunes, Winamp, and classic players like Kjofol and Sonique ported to WMP with the cool enhancements like animation that are supported in the skinning interface.  I think that this will only get bigger as our player gains popularity (I personally believe that WMP 11 + URGE really are the future top media player combo).