XBOX 360 Screensavers?

Ever since I set up my 360 on my LCD tv, I have wondered if I could get some sort of fancy screensaver functionality out of it -- something similar to the Media Center screensavers.  I read a short article on kotaky about a new "Japanese Fish sim" that seems to be a virtual fish tank for the 360 and this could meet that need.  The following is from the Kotaku article:

The Xbox 360 Japanese Fish Sim

In xbox 360

Tokyo game maker Frontier Groove has made its underwater 3D aquarium game AQUAZONE for computer gamers and cell phoners. And now add the 360 to that list. The console version boasts 14 type of fish, including that one from Finding Nemo. Think of it as your own personal HD fish thank, but without minus the algae scrubbing. —Brian Ashcraft

Screens Here [Watch Impress]

Pretty cool in my opinion, I hope that we can get this in the US.  It would be really interesting to see an Xbox 360 screensaver API so that people could program screensavers and sell them on Live -- I would have no qualms for dropping 400 points to purchase a Matrix or fish tank screensaver.