Xbox Marketplace stats -- $900 will get you all 933 marketplace downloads

According to, all of the 360 marketplace content (all 933 downloads)would cost you roughly $900.  I wonder if the 360 could even hold all of that content on its hard drive.  It's really interesting to see how the platform is growing!  There are a ton of great games out for the 360 and on top of that there is a remarkable amount of content available through live that is always growing.  The live section of the site has these statistics, last I checked they were:

  • Xbox Live Arcade: 56 downloads costing 13,980 Microsoft Points (U.S. $174.75)
  • Xbox 360 Games: 654 downloads costing 54,030 Microsoft Points (U.S. $675.38)
  • Everything Else: 223 downloads costing 3,780 Microsoft Points (U.S. $47.25)
      *Some items are counted more than once due to content being listed in multiple areas
  • In total, there are 933 downloads available on the Xbox Live Marketplace
  • To buy every download, it would cost 71,790 Microsoft Points (U.S. $897.38)