Zune Announcements get Official, Price, Release Date TBD still?

Features include:

  • FM Radio
  • Send music files to other players (doesn't specify whether this is necessarily limited to Zune players)
  • 30Gb drive

Zune Insider has posted an interface video.  Wow, there's a lot of details surfacing now that I think of it.. Let's hope that the player lives up to the hype.

Zune Insider also said:

You can plug your Zune device into your Xbox 360 to stream music, pictures, and video, via USB cable. Get all your Zune content on the TV in your living room. Also, when Zune launches, foks who also have a Media Center Edition 2005 PC will be able to access and play any music they downloaded from Zune Marketplace. You can access this music just like they would their regular music libraries – in Media Center’s “My Music” folder. This music will playback just like other songs in your library. Oh, and the Points you have in Xbox Live will transfer to Zune (you need the same passport). They're Microsoft Points.


And lots of folks have asked me about Zune's service - it's called Zune Marketplace. People ask: Is it download or subscription? It's both. Choose to buy a track individually or buy a monthly Zune Pass for a single flat fee for the freedom to download as many songs as you want.  

Lots of details indeed!   Microsoft points can be used to buy songs, no matter where you are.  You can even get a Music service subscription and download limitlessly from the Zune store ala the Music Gremlin.  Oh, and the brown one is real (I'm totally getting a brown Zune, haha, just to be that guy).

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