10-4 Episode 10: Making Web Deployment Easier

OK, so some of this stuff would have been (and still would be) very helpful during my recent updates to Community Megaphone. I finally got around to setting up a separate dev database, plus a staging server for testing new bits in a non-local setting before pushing them out to the main site. Managing the connection strings, app settings, and other changes to web.config between the dev, staging, and production site was hardly a pleasant task. From the episode below, it looks like the web.config transformations alone will be reason enough for me to jump on VS 2010 as soon as possible:

In this episode of 10-4, we'll look at new features coming in Visual Studio 2010 that make deploying web applications a lot easier. We'll look at web.config transformations, the Microsoft web deployment tool and web one-click deployment.
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