ARCast.TV – The Role of the Architect

If you aren’t aware of ARCast.TV, it’s something you should check out, as it’s a great resource for architects and aspiring architects, featuring interviews and panels with experts in the field. The most recent edition features a a panel discussion on the role of the Architect:

ARCast.TV - The Role of the Architect - A Panel Discussion

There are many disciplines that a software architect must master in order to do the job: requirements definition, use cases, modeling, layering, object orientation, service orientation, methodologies, and so on. In addition, as we are typically project leaders, we are usually tasked with mentoring others on the team in the understanding, adoption and application of these disciplines. This panel discussion focuses on the use of blogs, social networking and other online tools and content repositories that can be used to enhance and deliver mentoring to architects, developers and project teams. With Joe Shirey, Michael Stiefel, Denny Boynton, Miha Kralj, and Patrick Weikle.