ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate Available

Here’s Phil Haack’s announcement, in part:

At long last I am happy, relieved, excited to announce the release candidate for ASP.NET MVC. Feel free to go download it now (NOTE: The download page is having technical difficulties, so I linked to the MSI directly here). I’ll wait right here patiently.

There have been a lot of improvements made since the Beta release so be sure to read the release notes . I’ve tried very hard to be thorough in the notes so do let me know if anything is lacking. We are also pushing new tutorials up to the ASP.NET MVC Website as I write this.

Also, don’t miss ScottGu’s usual epic blog post describing the many improvements. As I mentioned when we released the Beta, we didn’t have plans for many new features in the runtime, but we did have a lot of tooling improvements to add. I’ve already described some of these changes in a previous blog post, as did ScottGu in his detailed look.

Read the full post for all the info, and don’t miss Scott Guthrie’s post, either.